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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should i save towards Retirement?

As Financial experts we recommend savings as much as 15% of your salary for retirement.

The way to get there? Increase the amount you save by a 1-2% points at a time. Some workplace retirement plans have an auto-increase feature.

Set a reminder on your calendar. 

What are Liquid Assets?

Liquid Assets refer to assets that can easily be converted into CASH as and when you need it. As an example Cash itself, Money Market Funds/Unit Trusts, Fixed Deposits, Corporate and Government Bonds, Listed shares.

The test for liquidity is how fast can i convert this instrument into cash.

Is it possible to outlive my Retirement Savings?

YES, due to the improved Life expectancy of up to 100 years in some parts of the world.

Global shift from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution schemes means you have to do more for yourself.

Governments extending Retirement Age.

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